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Setting Up The Space Explore Page
Setting Up The Space Explore Page

Learn how to set up the Space Explore page.

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Publishing a space after it is set up:

Once you have set up the space, you can publish it by ensuring the Publish toggle within the admin side of the Space is turned on:

You can get to the admin side of a Space by navigating to Spaces on the Admin Panel under Tools:

Now, select the Space you wish to publish/customize:

How to set up the Space Explore page?

The Space Explore page makes it easier to view spaces per category while allowing you to decide the order in which they should be arranged.

You can create categories to organize spaces in a way that makes sense for your community. Whether it's grouping by class year, region, or any other criterion.

How do I create custom Space Categories?

You can click the 'Customize categories' button within the admin side of the Space listing:

Click on '+ Add a category':

Now, you can choose a category name and set the default sort:

💡 Each category can be configured with a unique default sort, allowing you to tailor the browsing experience for each category. This ensures that the most relevant spaces are presented first, based on criteria such as activity level, creation date, or alphabetical order.

How do I assign a Space to a pre-existing category?

To assign a space to a category, you can edit the Space's settings and add the category from the 'Details & Images' section.

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Can I assign a Space to more than one category?

Yes, you have the flexibility to associate each space with multiple categories.

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