Setting Up a Space

Learn about configuring and managing a space effectively.

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Each space has settings beyond just the name and description, which influence how it functions.

1. User Group Selection for Interaction

  • Define verification badges needed for users to create, upvote, or comment on posts.

  • Only those with these badges can interact.

2. Space Privacy Options

  • Public: Allows visibility of posts to everyone, including those without required verification badges, but restricts interaction and comment viewing.

  • Only those with required verification: Limits access entirely to users with the necessary verification.

Note: Platform administrators can access and interact with all posts across spaces.

3. Banner Image

Set a banner image for the space, with a recommended size of 400x200 px.

Setting up #Topics & Resources

1. Organizing with #Topics

  • Use #Topics to categorize content. Users can subscribe to #Topics to receive alerts for new posts.

  • A default "#general" topic is provided, which can be customized. It's advised to retain this for miscellaneous content.

2. Managing #Topics

  • Administrators and moderators can add, edit, or remove #Topics.

  • To add a topic, use the 'Topic Settings'.

  • Restrict posting in certain #Topics to Admins and Moderators for exclusive content like #Announcements.

  • Include links to additional resources like community guidelines or student resources.

Note: Admins and Moderators can also manage resources.

Adding Moderators

  • Assign moderators to oversee and engage in spaces. They don't need to be platform administrators but have the necessary permissions.

  • It's recommended to have at least one moderator for each space.

  • Moderators are notified of reported abusive posts.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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