Setting Up a Space
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Space Settings

Apart from the space name and description, each space has a couple of additional settings that help you control how this space behaves.

1. Select user groups that can interact with this space

These are the verification badges that are required to be able to do any interaction with the content in the space. Only users with the selected verification badges can create, upvote, or comment on the posts in the space.

2. Space Privacy

The 'Public' setting allows people without the required verification badges to view posts within the space (although they still won't be able to interact or view comments). This is a great option for public content that could benefit from extended visibility.

The 'Only those with required verification' restricts access completely to just those users who have that required verification.

    • - Administrators of the platform can view and interact with all posts across all spaces.

3. Banner Image

The banner image will be displayed within the space. The recommended size is 400x200 px.

Setting up #Topics & Resources

  • #Topics help organize the content within the space.

    • Users can also choose to receive alerts whenever a new post is posted on the #Topic they are interested in by clicking the bell icon next to the topic, like #New-Opportunities in a 'Career Support' Space.

    • Each space comes loaded with a "#general" topic, which can be modified to suit the needs of the space you are creating.

    • Tip: We recommend having a #general topic for the community to post miscellaneous content that cannot be categorized under other #topics.

    • New #topics can be added by Administrators and moderators. They can be edited and removed as well.

    • To add a topic > click the Topic Settings option.

    • When creating a #topic, you can choose only to allow Admins and Moderators to post to that topic. This will help you create a dedicated topic that only authorized users can post about - Like #Announcements.

    • You can also add other links to the space for quick access, like Community guidelines or a library of resources for students ๐Ÿ‘‡

    • Note: Resources can also be added and removed by Admins and Moderators.

Adding Moderators

You can assign moderators to manage and engage various spaces. Moderators don't have to be platform administrators but have all the required permissions to keep the community active.

We recommend adding at least one moderator for every space you create. You could also add yourself as a moderator. In case a post is reported as abusive, only the moderators are notified of it.

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