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Understanding Email Masking and Reply Mechanism

Learn more about how we use email masking to protect your personal email addresses while facilitating communication through the platform.

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What Is Email Masking?

Emails sent through Almabase appear to come from a specialized email address, such as, instead of your personal address, like

Why Are Emails Masked?

The primary reasons for email masking are:

  • To pass the DMARC test for email authenticity.

  • To maintain privacy between alumni communications.

How does the Email look to the receiver of one-to-one emails?

For individual emails between alumni:

  • The recipient sees the sender as "John Doe (".

  • Replies are automatically routed to the sender's actual email address without revealing it.

Bulk Email Handling

For group emails:

  • Replies to the bulk email come to a unique masked email, like "", and are then forwarded to the sender's actual inbox.

  • When replying back, the process uses a similar masking mechanism to protect email addresses.

Safety Measures for Email Replies

Almabase ensures that only those in the database can reply to or initiate emails.

If an unrecognized email attempts to communicate, Almabase will block the message and notify the sender of insufficient permissions. This maintains a secure communication network for alumni.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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