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Troubleshooting Missing Almabase Emails or Notifications
Troubleshooting Missing Almabase Emails or Notifications

Learn more about how to address issues with not receiving emails from Almabase.

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If you're missing important emails from Almabase, such as notifications, test emails, form submissions, or identity verification codes, follow the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Check Email Inbox Settings

  1. Verify that emails from Almabase are not being filtered out by your email client.

  2. Look for the emails in your spam or junk folders first.

If using Microsoft Outlook, confirm that Almabase emails are not quarantined or wrongly sorted into the 'Other' tab instead of 'Focused Inbox'.

Release Quarantined Emails

If Almabase emails are quarantined in Outlook or Office 365:

  1. Navigate to the Quarantine section in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.

  2. Follow the provided instructions to release Almabase emails from quarantine.

Manage Focused Inbox in Outlook

If Focused Inbox is filtering out Almabase emails:

  1. Refer to Microsoft's documentation to adjust your Focused Inbox settings

  2. Move Almabase emails to the correct tab.

Set Up Allowlisting

Ensure Almabase is added as a "safe sender."

This process varies depending on your email provider. For personal email clients like Gmail, refer to their help documentation for allowlisting instructions.

Allowlist Almabase Email Addresses

Add the following Almabase email addresses to your allowlist:

Contact to confirm your email processing domain.

Allowlist Almabase IP Addresses

For company servers, add these Almabase IP addresses to your network-level allowlist:







About Delivery Failures πŸ‘‡

Two kinds of delivery failures can happen in replies sent to bulk email communications sent through Almabase:

  1. Unable to connect to recipient server: This happens when proper DNS records are not in place. Please check if the correct MX record is in place for the email domain.

  2. The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. : This happens when there is an issue with the mail server configuration of the college or university (outgoing emails from the alumni subdomain will fail to be sent outside the organization). In this case, emails sent to the Almabase email domain should be routed to the internet.
    Help documents for your reference πŸ‘‡

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat πŸ’¬ if you have any queries or concernsπŸ˜„.

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