Since GDPR regulation came into effect on 25th May 2018, schools have been seeing a higher opt out rate from before. Over the past 2 months, we have received requests from our Non-EU partner schools to allow for a way to hide or disable the communication preference on the registration page but still be GDPR compliant.

So we have a new setting called "Require Communication Consent Always". If toggled ON, every user that registers on your platform will be asked for their communication preference.

If it is toggled OFF, only users that are registering to your platform from within the EU will be asked for communication consent.

This could particularly be useful if your constituent database is comprised largely of non-EU citizens and if your school is outside of the EU.

Does this mean that if the toggle if OFF we will be in violation of GDPR regulation?
Not necessarily. Even if the toggle is off, we will always ask for consent if the user is accessing the platform from within the EU. The toggle only affects users that are accessing your platform from outside the EU.

However, if an EU citizen is accessing the platform from the USA, it will be hard to ascertain whether consent is required.

What are the changes going to happen from here on?
All platforms that are outside of the EU and have not signed a DPA with us will have the "Require Communication Consent Always" turned OFF.

If you would like to keep it ON (i.e ask for consent regardless of whether the user is from outside the EU) you can contact us at

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