We've made a few changes to nomenclature of the various stages of registration that the user goes through as they create an account on your platform. 

Here is a glossary of terms that you will come across on the Almabase platform:

1. Records : Think of records as files that store information about a person in a library. On Almabase, every record identifies with a person even if they are not registered on the platform.

The record can be marked either as Listed or Unlisted.
Unlisted records are those will not show up on the platform directory but will receive emails.
Examples for some Unlisted records could be Email list upload, non log-in event registration, non log-in donations, etc.

2. Account : Whenever someone visits your platform and registers, we either create a new record, or associate it with an existing record (if the system was able to safely identify the person). This record, that so far only had data on a person, will now be associated new account level settings like login credentials, mentorship preferences, etc. 

The account registration status have the following values:

A. Account Not Created - Records that have not registered.
B. Pending Email ID Verification - Records that have registered, but the user has not yet verified that they own the email ID that they submitted. This step is mandatory because we need to verify whether the user actually is who they say they are.
C. Pending approval -  Accounts in this stage are those that will require you to manually review and approve/block access as you see fit. If required you can request the user for more information that will help you with your decision.
D. Approved  - Accounts that are approved will be able to login to your platform and access permitted features.
E. Blocked - Accounts that are blocked will not be able to view or edit secure pages on the platform. The blocked accounts will be archived.
F. Awaiting More Information - Users that have been requested for more information during the account review process will show up in this stage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at help@almabase.com for any questions regarding these states or to get more details on how records and accounts work. 

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