Understanding the Changes to 'Communication Preferences' in Registrations

Learn more about tailoring communication consent options during registration to align with GDPR requirements.

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In response to the GDPR enactment on May 25, 2018, and the subsequent rise in opt-out rates, we've integrated a new setting for managing communication preferences—aptly named "Require Communication Consent Always."

  • Toggled On: All users will have to specify their communication preferences during registration.

  • Toggle Off: Only requests consent solely from those signing up from within the EU, optimizing the process for schools with predominantly non-EU alumni bases.

Is disabling the toggle a breach of GDPR?

Not necessarily. The system is designed to default to GDPR mandates, requesting consent from any user within the EU, regardless of the toggle's status.

The toggle specifically governs the process for non-EU sign-ups. Hence, non-EU citizens using the platform from outside the EU won't be prompted for consent unless the setting is enabled.

Yet, the ambiguity arises if an EU citizen registers from outside the EU, in which case the necessity for consent may be unclear.

Upcoming modifications

Platforms outside the EU without a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us will have the "Require Communication Consent Always" setting turned off by default.

Should you prefer to maintain it in the 'on' position, please reach out to us at support@almabase.com.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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