Mapping Gifts to Records

Link/map gifts to records/profiles in order to track gift engagement

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What is mapping?

  • Mapping is linking an activity on the platform to a record on Almabase. The activity could be making a gift, registering for an event, viewing a page, posting on a Space, etc.

How to map a gift?

  • Click on the unmapped gift, and choose a record to link it to.

  • If you do not find a record on Almabase, then you can either create a new one or directly map it to the constituent on Raiser's edge.

πŸ“Œ Gifts are auto-mapped based on email address. So if a donor makes a gift using the same email address as on the file/record, then it is automatically mapped.

  • Gifts are unmapped if β€”

    • No record with that email address is found OR

    • More than one record with the same email address is found

  • In either case, you have to manually map the gift to an existing record or create a new record on Almabase or directly map it to the constituent on Raiser's edge.

Why to map?

  • Gifts need to be mapped to a record on Almabase for them to be tracked as an engagement touchpoint on the platform.

  • This helps with reporting on alumni engagement within the platform.

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