Understanding System Record ID on Raiser's Edge NXT

Learn more about the System Record ID, how to export it, and its relationship with the Constituent ID.

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1. What is the System Record ID?

The System Record ID is automatically assigned by the Raiser's Edge System when a record is saved in the Raiser's Edge Database. It serves as a unique identifier for each record within the database.

In relational databases like The Raiser's Edge, The Financial Edge, The Education Edge, and Blackbaud Student Information System, tables are linked using primary and foreign keys. The System Record ID functions as the primary key for the Records Table, which stores biographical information.

2. How to export alumni data with system record ID?

In a Constituent Export > Output Constituent information > System Record ID.

The System ID is generated automatically by the system and is assigned when a record is saved.

Note: To know how to get this ID for profiles individually refer to point 4.

3. Does the System Record ID need to match the Constituent ID?

No, it does not need to match.

You may observe that the System Record ID can differ from the Constituent ID on constituent records. While the System Record ID is automatically generated and cannot be edited by users, the Constituent ID can be specified when importing a new record or changed by the user after the record has been saved. Each record in the database must have a unique value. While the Constituent ID can be reused, the System Record ID remains unique and cannot be reused.

4. How to Find the System Record ID for a Single Profile in Raiser's Edge NXT?

  1. Go to the profile you want to retrieve the ID for.

  2. The System Record ID is included in the URL for the profile. It can be found in the bold italic text in the URL. Example URL: https://renxt.blackbaud.com/constituents/15015?tenantid=a7d74g23-8bc2-462f-b5a8-939a35b7be88&svcid=renx


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