Adding Missing Database IDs to Mapped Records

Learn how to identify and add missing external database IDs to your mapped records in Almabase.

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Once the touchpoints have been mapped for different modules in the data roadblock dashboard, you can identify which one doesn't have an External Database ID in the data roadblock dashboard,

Why bother adding the Database ID to a record?

An external database ID is a unique ID associated with the record on the primary database (e.g. Raiser's Edge NXT, Salesforce, Banner).

This unique ID serves as a bridge between Almabase and your database. It allows Almabase to identify the user and seamlessly move data across both systems.

Step 1: Access Missing IDs Tab

  1. Navigate to the data roadblock dashboard in Almabase.

  2. Locate and select the "Missing IDs" tab to view mapped records missing an external database ID.

Step 2: Identify Mapped Records Without IDs

  1. In the "Missing IDs" tab, browse through the list of mapped activities.

  2. Hover over a mapped activity and select "View Profile" to access the record details.

Step 3: Add External Database ID

  1. Inside the profile, choose "Update profile."

  2. Find the "Database Integration" section.

  3. Enter the record's unique ID in the "System Record ID" field.

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