You will see some aesthetic changes, that show your brand colors. We've also made some changes to the names so that they are more descriptive.

In order to make it more intuitive, we have also re-arranged the options and added them to more relevant categories.

NOTE: Nothing changes in the way you access things via the Navigation Menu. You can continue to access features from the admin panel like you always have.

The old panel had some options which did not seem very natural for admins to understand what could they expect to see within this category.

With this new panel, we have changed a few of these category names to be more descriptive. 

As you can see, the new panel is more concise and neat.

While most of the option's name and place remain as it is, there are a few that have changed.Here's the list of the changes you can see - 

  1. Forms are now called Manage Forms. You can see it under Data Management.

2. Fundraising is renamed to Giving.

3. Online Communities is a totally new option where you will see a big difference.
This category has everything related to 

  • Managing user accounts

NOTE: All Registered Users is now called All Users and Pending Approval is now called User awaiting approval

  • Communities

  • Content creation, like pages, news, images, jobs and more.

  •  Editing header and footer, sign up images, etc.

Basically everything that you see on your site apart from Events and Giving can be seen under this category.

4. Analytics is now called Reports

5. Settings has the options for payment accounts set up, integrations, etc.

Pro-tip: Use the search bar on the top to navigate through different options on Admin Panel.

Reach out to us at in case of any queries.

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