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Admin Home Page Explained
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The Admin homepage is where admins can manage and monitor digital engagement strategies, access tools, and set up programs and customize site. It also gives a comprehensive overview of key metrics, summarizing engagement data in an easy-to-access format. Here are the main components of the Admin Homepage:

1. Admin Panel:

The Admin panel is where you'll find all your tools, user data, and setup options. You can tweak settings, keep an eye on platform engagement, and make sure everything runs smoothly with easy navigation and controls. Look for it on the left side of the admin homepage.

Options include: Home, Search, Reports, Tools, Members, Settings, and more.

2. Engagement Metrics Summary:

A summary of engagement metrics is now on the admin homepage for quick strategic assessments. Program reports for our Digital Engagement suite connect Almabase tools, visualizing each initiative's impact on strategy. Upon logging in, find the "All engaged users" graph in a new, user-friendly format, with option to create more such custom reports.

3. Recent Activity and Recently Created:

Recent Activity provides a quick look at the latest actions and events on your platform, keeping you informed about recent user interactions and updates.

Recently Created shows and gives a quick access to the newest additions to your system, whether it's a new event, a giving page, or a form.

4. Contactable Records:

Provides a quick snapshot of the total number of contactable records in your database. This is crucial for maintaining communication with users associated with your organization. Ensuring records are contactable facilitates effective outreach and engagement efforts, helping nurture relationships and support operational goals.

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