A grouped leaderboard would allow you to group the values based on which you're creating the leaderboard, into certain categories.

The best example of this would be the Leaderboard based on Class Years.

The class years might range from the 1900s to the 2010s. You may not want to show all these years at once on the leaderboard.

Instead, you can group some of these class years based on decades, like, 1960 to 1969 as the 1960's, 1970-79 as the 1970s and so on, and show it decade wise.

Another way could be as shown in the example above.
Further grouping the 1960's and 70's into a category called "Baby Boomers", and so on.

It is pretty simple to set it up.

When setting up a leaderboard, click on the gear icon beside the Group by field.

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