How to Remove Gifts from the Leaderboards

See how to remove gifts from leaderboard without removing it from the campaign and gift reporting

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There could be some gifts that you may not want to show on the leaderboard, like challenge gifts, gifts of a large amount, or gifts from sponsors, etc. Adding those gifts to the leaderboard might affect any competition that you are driving through the leaderboards.

So here's how you can hide a particular gift from the leaderboards:

Step 1: Go to the gift entry and click on "View Details" > "Edit Gift"

Step 2: Removing the gift from the leaderboard

  • Under the section "Gift Instructions," you will see the option to exclude the gift from the leaderboard on the edit gift page.

  • Turning this toggle ON will remove the gift from all the leaderboards.

  • Note: The donor will still show up on the Reach Leaderboard since it is about their influence and not their gift.


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