What are Payment Links?

Payment Links are securely generated URLs by the admin that enable the donors to make a payment without entering their details. It enhances the donor experience by allowing the donors to make a payment with a few clicks.

Payment Links are an add-on feature that makes gift processing simpler & easier in multiple ways.

What’s new for the admins?

The admins can now do the following 👇

  • Create a quick pay link for the donor, consisting of the donor’s contact details, the gift amount, which funds the gift is designated to, and any other campaign detail pre-filled.

  • Track the status of the payment link - whether the donor followed through and made a payment or not.

  • Can create reusable payment link “template” from which they can generate multiple payment links.

What changes for the donors 🤔

Clicking a payment link will take the donor to the fundraising page with their details pre-filled. Donors can review the information and make a quick payment without going through the hassle of manually filling in all the details.

Are you looking to supercharge your donation process to help donors’ save time and energy?

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or reach out to help@almabase.com to get this feature enabled on your website. 😄

To know how to create a Payment Link → Click Here.

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