What is a Payment Link?

The payment link feature will help you optimize your donor experience and help them to make a quick payment without having to enter all their details. If you are wondering about the security, the payment links are made through a securely generated URL, where the donor can make the payment instantly.

We are launching Payment Link as an Add-on feature to make gift processing way easier that will help you:

  • With a payment link, a donor can simply make a donation by selecting a dollar amount, and the rest of the information will be auto-filled.

  • If needed, you can control the amount the donor is expected to pay based on an LYBUNT/SYBUNT approach.

  • In future releases, get the capability of adding the payment link in bulk outreaches from the communication center on the platform (free upgrade).

What is changing for an admin?

  • Create quick-pay links for donors with the donor’s contact details, fund designation and amount, and any other campaign details that can be pre-filled.

  • Track the status of a payment link - whether the donor actually followed through and made the payment.

  • Create reusable payment link templates from which an admin can generate repeated payment links.

  • Easily share payment links across various communication channels - emails & social media, making payment fulfillment effortless & flexible for both the admin and donor.

What is changing for a donor?

  • By clicking on the payment link, the donor will be taken to the campaign page, where their details will be pre-filled. Donors can review the information and make a quick payment making an already quick process quicker and personal.

Are you looking to supercharge your donation process to help donors' save time and energy?

For more information on this add on feature, Talk to your success manager or reach out to help@almabase.com. We are waiting to assist you!

Check out this help article to understand how it works.

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