How to Reset the Email Status of a Record?

Learn how to reset the email status for email addresses that are bounced or invalid.

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Once an email is labeled as bounced or invalid, Almabase will cease to send emails to that address. To trigger further sending attempts, the only option is to reset the email's status.

Step 1: Navigate to Data Studio

Step 2: Reset the Email Status

  1. Select the records for which you wish to reset the status.

  2. Go to “Admin Actions” > “Communication Center” > “Reset Email Status”.

  3. Click on “Reset Email Status”.

Note: Only emails with 'Soft Bounced' or 'Invalid statuses can be changed.

  1. Other statuses are auto-updated based on validity and user actions

  2. E.g. An email's status goes to "Contactable" from "Unknown" upon its first delivery.

Step 3: Verify the Update

  1. Refresh the data studio page to verify the updated status.

  2. Look for the "Email Status" column. It should be updated to "Unknown" for the selected records.

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