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Mapping touchpoints for accurate reporting and data management
Adding Newfound Emails from Activities to a Mapped Record
Adding Newfound Emails from Activities to a Mapped Record

Learn how to update your database with new emails from various activities like event registration or form submissions.

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Mapping is vital for reporting, database enrichment and seamlessly moving data. Whenever a touchpoint (e.g. gift, event guest, form entry) is unmapped, it could mean one of two things:

  1. The person doesn't yet have a record on Almabase.

  2. A record already exists but the email address used is not yet on Almabase.

Either way, the email doesn't exist in Almabase, and you enrich it with the right one by either:

  1. Creating a new record (It's easy, just follow the steps here)

  2. Mapping and updating the touchpoint's email to an existing record

Step 1: Map Touchpoint and Add Email

  1. Go to the unmapped touchpoint (like a guest, gift, or form entry).

  2. Select "Unmapped" to initiate mapping.

  3. Choose "Confirm mapping. Also, add email to the record" to add the new email.

  • If you decide not to add the email immediately, complete the mapping and return later.

  • For already mapped activities, locate the 'New Emails' tab at the bottom.

  • Hover over the mapped record and select "Add Email" to include the new email.

Step 2: Set Email Type and Preferences

After selecting the email type, decide on notification preferences and if the email is primary.

Note: If it’s the first email for the record, both toggles are ON by default and cannot be changed.

  1. Turn ON "Notify the user & ask to set preferences" to

    1. This will send a verification email to the user and let them choose the primary email.

    2. The new email will be added as non-primary with 'Allowed for transaction' status.

  2. Turn OFF "Notify the user & ask to set preferences" to skip sending a notification. The new email will be added with an 'Unknown' status. Then decide on the 'Primary' status of the new email:

    1. If 'Mark as Primary' is ON, the new email becomes the primary contact.

    2. If 'Mark as Primary' is OFF, the new email is added as a non-primary address.

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