Understanding the Email Status

Learn about the different email statuses and their meanings

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Every email address associated with a record has an Email status that indicates the validity of the address.

Here are the various email statuses and their meanings:


No emails have been sent to this email address. All new email addresses will have this status by default until an email is sent to them.


One or more emails were successfully delivered to this address.

Hard bounced:

Email delivery was attempted but failed due to either:

  • An invalid email address

  • Non-existent email addresses

Soft bounced:

Email delivery was attempted, and the email address was valid. The email message reached the recipient's mail server but bounced back due to reasons such as:

  • A full mailbox (the user has exceeded their quota)

  • Server issues or temporary problems with the email exchange server

  • The message size exceeded the recipient's inbox limit

  • Firewall restrictions

Marked spam:

The email was delivered but was flagged as spam by the user.


The email associated with the profile is either in an invalid format (invalid email format) or the email domain is invalid (lacks an MX record associated with the email domain).

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