You might have seen some records that have an email preference as "Allowed for Transaction".

Note: Email Communication Preference for a record can be seen in the field called "Can Email" on Data studio.

Until early 2019, Almabase used to create a record/profile for anyone who makes a gift or registers for an event (provided no record already exists with the same email address).

This email address was shared by the user while participating in a program like an event, fundraising campaign, or survey, etc. They may not have intended for it to be used for other communications.

So such records will now be marked as "Allowed for transaction", which means only receipts, confirmation email, or any automated emails can be sent to them.

If you try to add such emails to any other email group than they were originally added to for the event or the fundraising campaign they participated in, then they will be automatically unsubscribed from that group.

For example:-

Mr. A registered for an event back in 2018 with the email address "". There was no record on the platform for that email address, so our system created a new one.
This record will now only be allowed to contact through the platform for transactional emails like receipts, confirmation, etc., and not for any other purpose.

Important Note: We do not create a record for event registration or gifts anymore (since mid-2019). Mapping process is now used to link a registration or a gift or any activity to a profile.

How to change preference for such records?

You can go to the user's profile and update the communication preference.

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