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Understanding the Types of Forms
Understanding the Types of Forms

Learn more about various form types and their specific uses on the Almabase platform.

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Forms are crucial in the Almabase platform, aiding in different modules like events, giving, and directories.

They gather essential information for managing alumni programs. Several form types are available, each serving a distinct purpose:

  1. Event or Giving Campaign Forms: Ideal for event registrations or payment forms in fundraising campaigns. Ensure to choose this form when organizing an event or a fundraising campaign.

  2. Directory Submission Forms: Employ this form to gather information for directory listings. Select this type specifically for directory creation.

  3. Survey Forms: Suitable for collecting survey data. Offers an option for anonymous submissions, treating all entries as campaign participants.

  4. Online Competition or Campaign Forms: Use for online activities like throwbacks or polls. Requires submitter identification, treating all entries as campaign participants.

  5. Request or Application Forms: Designed to collect applications or special requests. Identification is required, with submitters seen as requesters.

  6. Appeal Response Forms: Use these to collect responses to organizational appeals. Identification is mandatory, with respondents viewed as willing to assist the organization.

  7. Custom Campaign Forms: Flexible for any specific needs where standard forms don't fit.

  8. Verification Forms: Useful for verifying information when setting up community verifications.

  9. Gift-Related Workflow Forms: Employed to gather gift data, often syncing with external databases.

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