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Understanding 'Email Available Temporarily' in Email Groups

Learn more about temporary email status and converting it to a permanent one.

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The status "Email available temporarily" in your email group indicates the email has not been fully integrated into your database.

Understanding "Email available temporarily"

This status is automatically assigned to new email addresses from events, forms, or campaigns not yet associated with a database record.

These emails can only be used within their current email group and lack tracking capabilities for engagement or communication preferences.

When Is an Email Address Marked as Temporary?

An email address is automatically marked as temporary when it's collected through events, forms, or giving campaigns and hasn't been added to the database or any record yet.

Note: You cannot manually mark an email as temporary.

Changing the Temporary Status of an Email Address

To change the email's status from temporary, you need to create a new record for the email or add it to an existing record in the database. This update happens automatically.

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