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How to Unsubscribe a User from Email Communication?

See how an admin can unsubscribe a user from email communication and also how a user can unsubscribe themselves

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Unsubscribing a user is necessary in two scenarios:

  1. When a user requests to unsubscribe from receiving any communication.

  2. When an admin wants to remove an email address from receiving any communication.

There are multiple ways to unsubscribe, and here's how:

Ask the User to Unsubscribe:

You can request that the user click on the "Unsubscribe" link provided in the email they received.

When they click on it, they will see the following screen, where they can choose to unsubscribe either from a specific email group or from receiving all communication from the platform.

Unsubscribing From Data Studio:

Step 1 - Select the Records in Data Studio

Navigate to Data Studio and select the records you wish to unsubscribe.

Step 2: Unsubscribe the Records

  1. Go to Admin Actions > Communication Center > Unsubscribe from Communication..

  2. Click on "Unsubscribe from all communication."

Step 3 - Verify the update

  1. Refresh the Data Studio page to confirm the updated preferences.

  2. Check the column labeled "Can Email." It should now display "Denied by Admin" for the selected records.

Note: The "Can Email" column reflects the email communication preference for a user. If the user unsubscribes themselves, it will show as "Denied by Self."

Unsubscribing from the Profile Page:

Update the Communication Preference on the user's profile by unchecking the option for email communication.

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