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How to Unsubscribe a User from Email Communication?
How to Unsubscribe a User from Email Communication?

See how an admin can unsubscribe a user from email communication and also how a user can unsubscribe themselves

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Unsubscribing a user is needed when:

  • A user has requested to unsubscribe from receiving any communication or

  • The admin wants to remove an email address from receiving any communication.

There are multiple ways to unsubscribe and here's how —

Ask the User to Unsubscribe:

  • You can ask the user to click on the "Unsubscribe" link on the email they received.

  • When they click on it, they will see the following screen, where they can select whether to unsubscribe just from a particular email group or from receiving any communication at all from the platform.

Unsubscribing From Data Studio:

Step 1 - Select the records on the data studio

Go to data studio, and select the records that you wish to unsubscribe.

Step 2 - Unsubscribe the record

  • Go to Admin Actions » Communication Center » Unsubscribe from communication

  • Click on Unsubscribe from all communication.

Step 3 - Verify the update

  • Refresh the data studio page to verify the updated preference.

  • Look for the column "Can Email". It should be updated to "Denied by Admin" for the selected records.

Note: The column "Can Email" captures the email communication preference for a user.

If the user himself unsubscribes then it says "Denied by Self".

Unsubscribing from the Profile page

Update the Communication Preference on their profile by unchecking the preference for email communication —

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