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Email Categories
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1. What are email categories?

  • Email categories are to help admins create topics to bucket the bulk emails sent from the platform.

  • These categories would also help manage the member's email preferences. Members can choose to unsubscribe or re-subscribe to different content you send out, like event announcements, newsletters, or fundraising appeals.

2. How to create email categories?

  • Go to Tools > Communication Center > Email Categories

  • Adding categories directly on Almabase

    • Click on Add a category, and add one or more categories. Hit Save changes.

  • Pulling categories from RE

    • Click on Pull categories from RE. The list of categories under the field "Consent categories" will be displayed.

    • One or more categories from this list can be chosen to be added to Almabase.

Note: Categories are not synced between Almabase and Raiser's Edge. Pulling categories from RE facilitates pulling already set-up categories instead of creating them from scratch.

3. How do the users subscribe or unsubscribe from email categories?

  • When members click on the Unsubscribe link in the bulk emails sent from the platform, they see the option to unsubscribe from the email group and categories created on Almabase.

  • The email categories on the platform would help members subscribe or unsubscribe to the content of their choice.

4. FAQs

How would admins know about categories from which the users have unsubscribed?

  • Under the Email Categories tab, each category will list the unsubscribe that the Admins can download.

How do admins resubscribe someone?

  • In the unsubscribe list, click on the user to be resubscribed.

  • The profile's field "Email subscriptions" lists all the categories. Check the ones the users need to be subscribed to.

Note: The field "Email subscriptions" is also accessible to users with access to their profiles.

Do the users need to be subscribed to the categories?

  • By default, all users are subscribed to all the created categories.

Can the categories be synced to Raiser's Edge? Can the subscription details for a user be synced to their constituent record on RE?

  • No. The categories can only be pulled. Any updates to the categories cannot be pushed to RE.

  • So, if new categories are added, users update their subscriptions, or admins update. This information stays on Almabase.

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