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Which Sections Can Be Customized on the Giving Page?
Which Sections Can Be Customized on the Giving Page?

Over-view of all editable/customizable section in a Giving Campaign Page

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We have made improvements to the technical aspects of our system that will enable you to personalize specific sections on your Giving page according to your branding or other specific needs. To give you a better understanding, we have included screenshots of the customizable sections below.

Customizable sections on the Count-down Page.

The above-marked section is editable as per your requirements. ☝️

Customizable sections on the Payment Modal.

  • Pre-Payment Form

  • Gift Instructions Page

  • Post-Payment Page

You can edit the sections marked on the Count-down Page and Payment Modal, including the Pre-Payment Form, Gift Instructions Page, and Post-Payment Page. If you need any of these sections edited, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or through the chat bubble 💬

📝 Please note that any changes made will be reflected on all Giving pages of your Alumni website, NOT just the specific giving campaign. Therefore, we recommend keeping changes generic to ensure consistency😄

📌 If you'd like to make changes to sections other than those marked above, let us know and we'll verify their feasibility and do our best to get them done for you.

We hope these new customization options will help you better tailor your Giving page to your specific needs.

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