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Sending Targeted Personalized Messages to Segmented Users from Engagement Reports
Sending Targeted Personalized Messages to Segmented Users from Engagement Reports

Learn how to segment users from your engagement reports in Engagement Studio and send them customized messages.

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Create an Email List of All Users in the Report

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ above the report table.

  2. Choose "Create a Segment" for an automatically updating list based on report criteria.

  3. Select "Create a List" for a fixed list of currently visible users.


  • For young alumni who participated in events, create an email group to send personalized invites for upcoming events.

  • For users who visited the campaign page but didn't donate, create a segment to send regular donation appeals.

Create an Email List of Specific Users in the Report

  1. Select specific users from the report table.

  2. Click the gear icon ⚙️ to create a list of these chosen users.


  • For LYBUNTs (Last Year but Unfortunately Not This Year donors), create a segment for targeted emails before your next giving campaign.

  • Segment recent engagers, like event attendees or active email interactors, for more personalized outreach.

  • If you've categorized event participation, select alumni based on event type (e.g., "Career Growth") for tailored event invites.

Pro-tip: Add engagement-related columns with a date range field to your report. This helps to analyze user engagement over specific periods.

Download the Report

Use the export option to download and share the report with your team, facilitating easy monitoring of program effectiveness.

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