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Reporting on Categorized Engagement Touchpoints
Reporting on Categorized Engagement Touchpoints

see the user engagement report based on categories

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Once you have categorized the touchpoints, advance to the "Reports" tab to see the list of users engaged on the platform category-wise.

How to Use Your Engagement Reports to Improve Your Programs?

Engagement reports can tell you which programs are working and which ones aren't. By analyzing these reports, you can identify the most engaging categories of activities and the initiatives that didn't get the traction you expected. This information can help you focus on what's working and improve the others.

There are two important things to consider before analyzing your engagement reports:

  • Which touchpoints to categorize? You'll want to categorize the touchpoints that hold significance to your alumni and your advancement office in planning for your next initiative. This could include things like email campaigns, social media posts, in-person events, and fundraising appeals.

  • What should be the categories? The categories you choose will depend on how you want to measure the performance of your engagement programs. For example, you could categorize touchpoints by type (email, social media, etc.), by audience (alumni, donors, etc.), or by outcome (engagement, fundraising, etc.).

Your account managers will work with you to provide guidance in categorizing the touchpoints. Feel free to drop them a message or reach out to us.

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