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Reporting on Categorized Engagement Touchpoints
Reporting on Categorized Engagement Touchpoints

Learn more about utilizing engagement reports to refine your programs.

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Once touchpoints are categorized, navigate to the "Reports" tab to view user engagement categorized by activity types.

Using Engagement Reports for Program Enhancement

Engagement reports are pivotal in evaluating program effectiveness. By scrutinizing these reports, identify which categories captivate users and which fall short. This insight is crucial in honing successful initiatives and enhancing lesser-performing ones.

Key Considerations for Engagement Report Analysis

  1. Touchpoint Selection: Choose touchpoints relevant to your alumni and planning needs, like email campaigns, social media, events, and fundraising drives.

  2. Categorization Criteria: Define categories based on desired engagement metrics, such as type (email, social media), target audience (alumni, donors), or outcomes (engagement, fundraising).

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