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Exploring Engagement Reporting
Exploring Engagement Reporting

Learn more about how to leverage the engagement report for your community's benefit.

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The engagement report in Almabase consolidates various touchpoints from your community, helping you evaluate community engagement with your organization. This data assists in tailoring programs for different segments and identifying supporters.

According to CASE (Council for Advancement & Support of Education), alumni engagement refers to:

Activities that are valued by alumni build enduring and mutually beneficial relationships, inspire loyalty and financial support, strengthen the institution’s reputation, and involve alumni in meaningful activities to advance the institution’s mission.

In summary, that means activities that:

  • Are valued by alumni,

  • Foster enduring, mutually beneficial relationships,

  • Inspire loyalty and support,

  • Enhance the institution’s reputation,

  • Involve alumni in meaningful ways to advance the institution's mission.

Collecting Activity & Touchpoints

The engagement report gathers all activities and interactions within the Almabase ecosystem, from email interactions to event registrations.

To help distinguish each activity, we associated the activities with additional info known as touchpoints:

  • Members who participated in the activity

  • Program where the activity was done

Categorizing Touchpoints

As a community manager, you can categorize touchpoints to align with what's valuable to both alumni and your organization.

CASE suggests four categories:

  1. Experiential

  2. Voluntary

  3. Philanthropic

  4. Communication.

However, you can create custom categories like Webinars, Campus Activities, etc., to better align with your mission. Find out more about the CASE suggested categories here.

Engagement Studio

This tool allows you to filter your community based on their actions.

You can use it to identify specific groups, like inactive volunteers in a certain region, or gauge the engagement level of alumni across various programs. Learn more here.

Additional Resources

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