Best Practices for Directories

Take a look at some simple guidelines to follow to have more users engage with the published directories

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Make the directory easily accessible to the users

Enable users to share and publicize the content in their circle

  • Enable sharing so that users can effortlessly share the stories, jobs, businesses, etc. within their circle.

๐Ÿ“ NOTE: The share option changes as it relies on the device and its operating system. It shows relevant share options that the user is already used to.

Add a default cover image to make the listing page more lively

  • Under the Other settings, set up a default image to be picked for the card in case none is submitted.

Curate the content before publishing it

  • Review the submissions to avoid any irrelevant content from getting published.

  • Use Publish Criteria to control which entries make their way into the directory.

For private content set-up Verifications

  • For the directories with private content, you might want it accessible only to selected users. Decide the group of users that should be able to access and add it under Verifications Required.

  • In the example below the directory is set up to be accessible only to the users with the affiliation "Alumni"

  • Anyone who visits the directory page will have to verify themselves as alumni by confirming their email for validation.

  • Reach out to to enable Verifications for your site.

View and analyze how well your directory content is engaging users

  • Once the directory starts getting traction, you can view engagement activities under the Reports tab.

  • To get deeper insights into who is interacting with the content, go to Engagement Studio. You can easily view, when and how users are interacting with the content.

  • Set up filters and save reports to send out emails to those who engage with the directory regularly.

  • Similarly, you can create reports for those who are disengaged and reach out to them specifically, to check what kind of content they would like to see.

Feel free to let us know which practice worked best for you or if you follow something that isn't on the list. We'd be happy to hear about them; you can write to us at or through the Intercom Chat ๐Ÿ’ฌ

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