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Understanding the Career Center Migration (Jobs) to Directories
Understanding the Career Center Migration (Jobs) to Directories

Learn the benefits of moving job listings from the Career Center to Directories.

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The Career Center feature for adding jobs and internships will soon be phased out, transitioning fully to Directories.

Why Migrate to Directories?

  1. Flexibility and Control:

  2. Measuring Engagement:

    • With Directories, it's easier to track how users interact with content.

    • Good examples would be things like searching, clicking, and sharing.

  3. Alumni-Centric Approach:

    • This move allows for better analysis and refinement of content or programs to align with alumni needs.

  4. Privacy and Secured Access:

    • Directories allow restricting access to specific groups, like alumni-affiliated users.

Migration Process

  1. Request Migration:

    • To initiate, send a migration request to

    • The migration is backend-driven and usually completes within two days.

  2. Post-Migration:

    • Jobs and internships are moved to the new Directory, and the link is shared.

    • The old job board URL (e.g., "") will redirect to the new Directory.

Important Points to Note

  1. Application Process

    • Job posters should provide an external application link or email.

    • Direct applications to employers are through these links or emails.

  2. Changes in Functionality

    • The 'Apply' and 'Follow' option is not available in Directories, and this functionality is deprecated.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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