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Adding Publish Criteria to a Directory
Adding Publish Criteria to a Directory

Learn how to control the submissions published in your directory by setting up publish criteria.

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To ensure the content in your directories remains relevant and high-quality, Almabase allows you to set up Publish Criteria.

This feature filters form submissions before they are published to the directory.

Know that only specific form fields can be used for Publish Criteria:

Set Uping Approval Criteria

For admins that want to ensure only high-quality content or have the alum pay to list their business, you can set up an Approval criteria.

For Content Quality or Payment Requirements

  1. Add a dropdown or radio button field to the form.

  2. Label it as "Publish to Directory" and mark it "for internal use only".

  3. Include options like Yes & No.

Curate Content

  1. After form submission, edit the form submission.

  2. Change the "Publish to Directory" option to Yes or No, based on your criteria.

Implementing Location Criteria

For Geographic-Specific Listings

  1. Add a location field to the form.

  2. Set up criteria based on your geographic requirements.

Criteria Fulfillment

Submissions that meet your set criteria will be published to the directory.

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