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Q1: Is there a way I can copy a form? I don't want to set upΒ a form with the same questions again.Β 

Yes, you can duplicate a form. πŸ‘‡

Note: Follow the same steps to delete the form.

Q2: I created a form for an event, but it isn't showing up under the event settings' Registrations/Guest Form fields. What to do?

Change the form type to "For an event or a giving campaign on Almabase" and save changes. Doing this will make sure the form is shown on the event settings page.

Q3: Is the user notified after they have submitted the form?

No, the user is not notified after they have submitted the form.

Q4: Is there a way I can edit a form entry?

Yes, you can edit a form entry. Go to the "submissions" tab and click on "view details" for the form submission you wish to edit. On the sidebar, click on "Edit this entry."

Q5: How can I delete a form submission?

Like editing an entry, click on "view details" for the form submission you wish to delete. On the sidebar, click on "Delete."

Q6: How do I stop receiving email notifications every time there is a new form submission?

Remove your email address from the "notification emails" field to stop receiving emails every time new form submissions are made.

Q7: I am trying to delete a form field/question, but I keep receiving an error message that says, "This field cannot be deleted because it is associated with completed submissions" what can I do?

You cannot delete a form field/questions if any completed submissions are associated with the form. To ensures that a particular field/question is not visible to the future form submitters, we suggest you mark that field as "mark for internal use only."

NOTE: Mark for Internal Use only toggle will not appear if the field/question is marked as mandatory.

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions. πŸ˜„

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