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Q1: Is there a way I can copy a form? I don't want to set upย a form with the same questions again.ย 

Yes, you can duplicate a form. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Note: Follow the same steps to delete the form.

Q2: I created a form for an event, but it isn't showing up under the event settings' Registrations/Guest Form fields. What to do?

Change the form type to "For an event or a giving campaign on Almabase" and save changes. Doing this will make sure the form is shown on the event settings page.

Q3: Is the user notified after they have submitted the form?

No, the user is not notified after they have submitted the form.

Q4: Is there a way I can edit a form entry?

Yes, you can edit a form entry. Go to the "submissions" tab and click on "view details" for the form submission you wish to edit. On the sidebar, click on "Edit this entry."

Q5: How can I delete a form submission?

Like editing an entry, click on "view details" for the form submission you wish to delete. On the sidebar, click on "Delete."

Q6: How do I stop receiving email notifications every time there is a new form submission?

Remove your email address from the "Notification emails" field to stop receiving emails every time new form submissions are made.

Q7: I am trying to delete a form field/question, but I keep receiving an error message that says, "This field cannot be deleted because it is associated with completed submissions" what can I do?

You cannot delete a form field/questions if any completed submissions are associated with the form. To ensures that a particular field/question is not visible to the future form submitters, we suggest you mark that field as "mark for internal use only."

NOTE: Mark for Internal Use only toggle will not appear if the field/question is marked as mandatory.

Q8: How do I re-order the questions?

You can re-order the questions by simply clicking on the icon shown and using the good old Drag and Move to change the order

Q9: Is it possible to edit a question after an entry has been submitted?

Once you receive an entry for a form, all the other fields like Name, Placeholder, Help Text etc. can be edited except for the Field Type. 'Field Type' cannot be edited once we get an entry for a Form

Q10: What are the tabs 'Submissions' and 'Export'?

Submissions - Once a form is created, the entries keep coming. You can view the details regarding the entries under the 'Submissions' tab -

PS: Incoming form submissions are automatically mapped to a corresponding record on Data Studio if the email on the form submission and on the record are unique and the same. Any unmapped form submissions can be mapped manually

Export - To view data captured through the form, click the Export tab. You can export all the entries from here into a spreadsheet.

Q11: Can you use forms to create surveys on Almabase?

Yes, you can conduct surveys on Almabase with Forms. For this, you can create a new form of the type "To conduct a survey".

On the form created, you can add a description for users to help them understand the purpose of the survey. You can also add the necessary questions as form fields from the form settings page.
Once the form is completely set up, you can either send the form as an email to your audience by attaching the form URL to the email or you can share it on social media as per the type of survey you want to conduct.

Q12: Why are my options on a form field getting split after I save the form?

Please make sure that there are no commas used in the form field options. The system considers commas as separators and hence splits them after the form is saved.

In this case, removing the comma will resolve the issue.

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble ๐Ÿ’ฌ if you have any questions. ๐Ÿ˜„

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