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How to Add a Publish Filter to the Directory?
How to Add a Publish Filter to the Directory?

Information on how to choose which submissions get published on a directory by adding a publish criteria

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You publish directories with different content for the users to engage with and contribute back with their thoughts and ideas. One thing you would always want control over would be for the content to be relevant.

To curate the content before it is published, you can set up a Publish Criteria on the directory. Here you can choose the filter based on which a form submission should be published to the Directory.

Publish Criteria on Directories can be added using only a certain type of form fields which are:

Each of these fields is used to set up different publish criteria. Let's understand how to set them up πŸ‘‡

Approval Criteria

Usually, the admins desire to publish only high-quality content, or maybe the alum (community member) has to pay a certain amount to list their business on the Directory. For such cases, we suggest setting up Approval Criteria where you can control which submission is published/hidden from the directory.

How to set it up?

Add either a dropdown or radio button field to the form, with options as Yes & No, and name the field as "Publish to Directory" and mark it "for internal use only."

After adding the field on the form, click on the Add Criteria button on the directory. You should find this field on the Filters options. πŸ‘

How do you curate this content?

After the user has submitted the form, you will have to edit the form submission and change the Publish to directory option to either Yes or No, according to the Publish Criteria that you have set up.

Location Criteria

If you wish to list businesses that belong to a neighborhood/region or mentorship activities that can be carried out within a certain Miles/Kms of a specific location, using the Location Criteria would be ideal for such situations.

How to set it up?

Add a location field to the form and set up the criteria as per your requirements.

If the submission fulfills the criteria you've set up, only then will it be published to the directory.

Write to us at or through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions on setting up Publish Criteria for Directories. πŸ˜„

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