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How to Move Gift List on Webview (RENXT) to Database (RE) with a Single Click?
How to Move Gift List on Webview (RENXT) to Database (RE) with a Single Click?

When the gifts are moved from Almabase to RENXT, a Gift list with all the gifts is created on RENXT (Webview).

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A Gift list is created on RENXT when we move the Gifts from Almabase to RENXT. A Gift List on RENXT (Web View) is the same as a Query on RE (Database View).

Many Gift processing workflows are still processed using Database View, and to make it easy, Blackbaud provides an option to move Gift List as Query on "Database View"

Please Note: It takes around 6-8 hours for Blackbaud Raiser's Edge to refresh the Gift List. Perform the following steps after 6-8 hours of the sync is finished.

  1. Login to RENXT using your credentials (

  2. For the top Menu, select Gift under List.

  3. Click on "Open Saved List", select the list created by Almabase, and click on the open button. The List name starts with "Almabase Gift Batch: <batch number>".

  4. Click on the Save button, and select "Save in database view as a static query".

  5. That's it!
    A static query with the list of all the gifts is now created on RE (Database View). Click on Query on Database View. The Static Query is stored under "RE NXT Lists".

    Reach out to if you have any doubts.

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