Understanding Spaces

Find out how Spaces offer an engaging way to address individual needs within your larger community.

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Spaces is an innovative online community platform designed for managing distinct groups within a larger community.

  • Concept: A 'Space' acts like a private online bulletin board.

  • Usage: Ideal for posting important announcements, reunion updates, or job opportunities.

  • Security: Features a built-in system called 'Verifications' to ensure privacy and member-specific access.

How 'Spaces' Differ from 'Communities'

  • Evolution: Spaces is the advanced version of the Communities product.

  • New Features: Offers a range of enhanced features for better community management.

Improving Engagement with 'Spaces'

  1. Personalization:

    • Customized Home Feed based on each user's interests.

  2. Automated Email Digests & Alerts:

    • Weekly/monthly summaries of updates, tailored to user interests.

Comparison with Social Media Platforms

  • Similarities: Uses familiar elements like feeds, email digests, and groups.

  • Key Differences: Full control over data, content, and distribution. No additional advertising costs. All engagement metrics are reportable in Engagement Studio.

  • Purpose: Focuses more on community and program-building, unlike typical social media.

User Accessibility

  • Ease of Access:

    • No need for users to create new accounts.

    • Utilizes a security framework called 'Verifications' for easy access.

    • Existing database members can access private spaces by verifying their emails.

Member Experience in 'Spaces'

  • Logged Out View:

    • As general public, members see posts from public spaces.

    • Can share posts but cannot upvote or view comments without login and verification.

  • Logged In Experience:

    • Customized sidebar showing subscribed spaces.

    • Feed populates with posts from subscribed spaces.

    • Verified users can upvote, comment, and create posts in eligible spaces.

Learn more about setting up and using verifications.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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