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How to Automatically Post a New Submission to a Space?
How to Automatically Post a New Submission to a Space?

Receive all updates within a directory along with the space digest or as an announcement on a space.

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The Spaces Directory Connector revolutionizes communication by automating updates, enhancing user experience, and simplifying subscription management. Admins seamlessly link directories to spaces, ensuring timely updates for subscribers. Users receive updates directly in their inboxes, saving time and fostering engagement.

The connector's easy configuration and flexible notification options adapt to diverse communication needs, promoting efficient collaboration within the platform.

Set Up Automations From Relevant Directories

Step 1: Access Directories Setup Page

  1. In the admin panel, navigate to Tools and select Directories.

  2. On the admin interface, select the desired directory.

Step 2: Navigate to Automations

  • Within the directory settings, navigate to the "Automations" tab.

Step 3: Toggle Automation:

  • Switch on the "Automatically post a new submission to a space" toggle.

Step 4: Configure Space and Save Changes:

  • Proceed to configure the associated space:

    • Which space would you like to share? Choose the target space.

    • Which topic would you like to share? Specify the topic within the space.

    • Select a space moderator to post this item - Designate the space moderator responsible for the post.

    • How would you add this item to spaces? Decide whether to share updates as a regular post or an announcement.

    • Save configurations to activate the Spaces Directory Connector.

User Notifications:

  • Users who have subscribed to the space will start receiving directory updates within their inbox as an announcement or within the space digest (When set to post)

User Subscription:

  • Users will also have the option to subscribe to the space from the directory's "get notified" section.

💡All directory posts will be posted to the space once a day. The post will not appear in the space in real-time.

Follow these steps for quick and efficient setup of the Spaces Directory Connector.

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