Subscribers On Spaces
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Who is a subscriber?

A subscriber is somebody who has either opted in or has been enrolled to receive updates from a space in their personal feed and weekly digest.

Can anybody subscribe to any space?

No. Only users with the required verification badges can subscribe to a space.

Can administrators enroll members as subscribers to a space?

Yes. To enroll users as subscribers to a space - visit the subscriber tab within a space.

The 'Subscribers' tab shows all the users with required verification badges and their current subscription status with that space.

Will my users start getting the email digest once they are subscribed?

Yes. Users can adjust their subscription preferences at any time to adjust what they receive and whether they would like to continue receiving the digest.

Can I re-subscribe a user once if they have unsubscribed?

No. If the user has explicitly unsubscribed, administrators will not be able to subscribe the user back. The user will need to re-subscribe on their own to grant consent.

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