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FAQs on Directories

Find answers to common questions about features related to directories on Almabase.

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Why is a field from the directory form not showing on the Directory Page?

If a field from the directory form is not visible on the Directory Page, check the following:

  1. Go to the "Display Settings" in the Directory.

  2. Check if the field is listed under "Summary Settings" or "Other Details".

    1. If it's not listed, select "another field to show" and add the field for display.

    2. Make sure the label on the form matches the label on the directory for clarity.

How do I delete a submission from a directory on Almabase?

To remove a submission from a directory:

  • Go to the directory form by selecting the "Manage form" button.

  • Navigate to the "Submissions" section.

  • Select the submission you wish to delete.

  • Select the "Delete" button.

    • Note that deleting a submission from the form will also remove its corresponding entry in the directory.

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