Understanding Digests

Learn what a digest is and how to manage it.

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A digest is a summarized collection of posts from the user's subscribed spaces.

Scheduling the Digest

  • Choose to schedule the digest on either:

    • Every Friday

    • First of each month

Understanding Digest Subscriptions

For users to receive a digest, they need to be:

  • Subscribed to a digest:

    • All users are auto-subscribed initially.

    • They can unsubscribe via the 'Subscriptions' page or 'Adjust Preferences' link in each digest

  • Subscribed to at least one space:

    • Users are not auto-subscribed.

    • You can opt them in instead.

    • Learn more here.

  • At least one new post must be present since the last digest was sent.

Must the user be registered to receive a digest?

  • No, so long as they meet the following criteria:

    • Have an accessible email in the database.

  • Subscribed to a space.

Additional Features

  • Exclude Posts: You can exclude a post from an upcoming digest by toggling off the "show" button next to it.

  • Preview Digest: Preview the digest before it's triggered to decide which posts to keep and which ones to remove.

  • Digest Data: Access data on the last sent digest, including details such as Delivered, Opens, Clicked, and Total subscribers.

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