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How to Customize the Attendee List Displayed on the Event
How to Customize the Attendee List Displayed on the Event

Highlight field on attendee list, Show additional information on attendee list

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Showing the guests attending an event on the homepage may also encourage others to register.

One can take this a step further by highlighting a particular field, e.g., Class Year, to encourage guests from the same year to register for the event.

Step 1: Head to the Guests & Registrations section on the Events Settings tab.

Step 2: Click on the gear icon next to the "Show registered guests on the event's page" toggle.

Once you click on the gear icon, the fields you can highlight on the guest list will appear on the right.

Note: Only the information collected through the registration and guest forms appear here as options.

Step 3: Select the preferred field you want your guests to see and save the changes made.

On the guest view, the chosen field - Class Year appears below the guest's name.

Note: Only one field can be highlighted on the guest list.

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