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How to Collect Pending Payments for an Event?
How to Collect Pending Payments for an Event?

Learn more about prompting guests with outstanding payments to settle their dues for an event online.

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Sometimes, as an admin, you might register guests for an event and opt to collect payments later.

These guests will be listed under the "Pending Payment" tab in the Guest Manager.

How to Request Guests to Complete Payment for the Event?

Guests can settle their dues by clicking the "Pay outstanding amount" button in their event registration confirmation email.

There are two methods to access this confirmation email:

Option 1: Direct the Guest to the Event Page

  1. Instruct the guest to select the "Register" button on the event page and fill in their details, including name and email.

  2. After entering their details, they will encounter a pop-up. Prompt them to select the "Send Email" button to receive the confirmation email.

  3. They can then use the "Pay outstanding Amount" button within the email to complete their payment.

Note: The email provided must match the one used for event registration.

Option 2: Admin Triggers the Confirmation Email

An event manager or admin can also send the confirmation email from the Guest Manager section. Hereโ€™s how:

The guest will then receive the confirmation email (as described in option 1), allowing them to finalize their payment.

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