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Improved Admin Dashboard
Improved Admin Dashboard

Monthly Engaged Users (MEU), Engagement Reports

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The Admin Dashboard provides admins direct access to essential tools for faster and more convenient community management. The Dashboard serves as an admin home page with access to critical components of your community.

With the new and improved Admin Dashboard, you have a bird's eye view of everything on the platform.

The new Admin Dashboard has been updated to show the following:

MEU: Monthly Engaged Users

Keep track of engagement levels, and understand the change in engaged users month after month 📈.

What is MEU?

  • Monthly engaged users (MEU) refers to a constituent who interacts with your platform at least once a month.

Why is MEU important?

  • Understanding constituent engagement and metrics is a huge part of understanding the overall engagement experience and finding specific ways to increase constituent engagement.

  • Tracking MEUs allows you to continuously stay aware of the overall engagement levels of your community.

Recent Activities

Your constituents are constantly engaging with you in so many ways. Why limit your lens to only sign-ups? Get a clear picture of all the activities your constituents are doing and see how your efforts are paying off right at your fingertips📱

  • Our constituents are engaging with us in many ways throughout the year; they are replying to emails, interacting with social posts, visiting a job board, or viewing an archive of newsletters - all of which have taken much effort from the Alumni Relations office to set up. Each interaction tells us so much more about them, giving us additional opportunities to engage them further.

  • Recent activities will give you a view of how many alumni have engaged and in which ways, showing you instantly the value you create for your constituents.

  • Each interaction tells us much more about the constituents, giving us opportunities to engage them further.

Recently Created

It helps you navigate quickly and increases discoverability. You can return to where you left off with a single click instead of navigating through the menu.

Why a new Admin Dashboard?

Almabase has improved its admin dashboard to give teams a valuable way of learning the impact their efforts create in engaging their constituents, helping them create a more active and wide-viewing definition of engagement that was until now limited to sign-ups or gifts.

The dashboard will give a granular view of various digital activities while giving us valuable insights into how we can make more informed decisions toward improving engagement.

Let us know what you think of this!

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