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Understanding the Importance of Mapping

Learn more about how mapping enhances community engagement and optimizes your time.

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Mapping is key in bridging the gap between an organization’s view of its members and how members perceive themselves.

In large communities, such as alumni networks, individuals are more than just database IDs; they have names, faces, emails, and phone numbers.

Mapping is about aligning the organizational perspective with personal identities.

How Mapping Works on Almabase

  • Auto-mapping: When someone interacts with your events, forms, or pages on Almabase, the system cross-references their email with your database to accurately report community engagement.

  • Manual Mapping: Sometimes, the system needs your input, especially when a new or unrecognized email is used. This could indicate a new member or an existing one using a different email.

When Manual Mapping is Required

This is what a successful mapping looks like:

This is when you need to manually map:

This is how you map manually:

  1. Click on the 'Unmapped' label

  2. Now, select from the list of people from your database with similar names

Whenever a touchpoint is unmapped, you can choose/create a record to map to it. However, some touchpoints are not relevant and don't have to be mapped.

Importance of Mapping

  1. Accurate Engagement Reporting: It allows for precise analysis of which programs resonate with various community segments, aiding in the creation of more effective programs.

  2. Enriching Your Database: Discover new emails through programs and update your records, keeping your database current and contactable.

  3. Seamless Data Movement: Ensures accurate and efficient data integration between different systems, like Salesforce or Raiser's Edge, facilitating the precise recording of new registrations, payments, and emails.

To assist in this process, the Data Roadblocks Dashboard helps identify and resolve mapping issues, ensuring smooth data flow and enhancing your engagement strategies.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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