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Understanding Admin Dashboard

Learn how the Admin Dashboard can offer administrators a comprehensive and streamlined view of their community's engagement.

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Key Features

MEU: Monthly Engaged Users

  • Definition: MEU stands for Monthly Engaged Users, indicating constituents who interact with your platform at least once a month.

  • Why is it Important: Monitoring MEU is crucial for understanding engagement trends and developing strategies to boost constituent involvement.

Recent Activities

  • Comprehensive Overview: Gain insight into the myriad ways constituents engage with your community, beyond mere sign-ups.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Instantly see the impact of your efforts and identify further opportunities for engagement.

Recently Created

Enhanced Navigation: Quickly resume your work with one-click access to recently created items, enhancing efficiency and discoverability.

Benefits of the New Admin Dashboard:

  • Bird’s Eye View: Obtain a holistic perspective of platform activities, enabling better decision-making and strategy formulation.

  • Engagement Metrics: Keep a pulse on engagement levels with detailed analytics and trend data.

  • Actionable Insights: Each constituent interaction offers valuable data, presenting opportunities to deepen engagement.

  • Time-Saving: The user-friendly interface saves time, allowing admins to focus on impactful work rather than navigation.

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