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How to Invite Alumni to Register on the Almabase Platform?
How to Invite Alumni to Register on the Almabase Platform?

Invite Link Merge Tag, Personalized Invite Links, Invite Alumni to Register

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Encouraging your alumni to register on your platform is crucial for maintaining updated and accurate information, as well as unlocking the full potential of alumni engagement.

An engaged alumni network benefits individuals and the institution, fostering support and collaboration while updated information enables personalized communication and targeted opportunities.

Personalized Invitation Links offer an effective and efficient method to motivate your alumni to register and actively participate in your network.

Why Use Personalized Invite Links? 

When recipients sign up using the personalized invite link, instead of creating a new profile, the platform will update the existing profile associated with the URL, ensuring that the information provided during sign-up is added or updated within that profile. This approach helps maintain accurate and up-to-date data for each individual profile.

Additional benefits of using Personalized Invite Links are as follows 👇

  • Streamlined Registration: Auto-approving users who sign up or sign in using invite links, eliminating manual approval steps.

  • Personalized invite link: A unique invite link will be sent out for every record on Almabase on using the invite link merge tags.

  • Avoiding Duplicates: Preventing the accumulation of duplicate entries by assigning unique registration pathways to each invite link.

  • Primary Email Marking: Automatically marks the email used in the invite link as the user's primary email, improving data organization.

The Invite Link merge tag is simply an invitation link to sign up on the platform. This can be easily added to an email and sent to a group of alumni from the communication center.

3 Ways to Add an Invite Link merge tag 👇

1. Adding the Invite Link:

  • On the Email Compose window, click on the text box. This opens all the formatting options.

  • Here, go to Special LinksInvite Link ➡ Click on Invite Link.

2. Adding the Invite Link merge tag to a text:

  • On the Email Compose window, add the text that would act like an invite link.

  • Select the text and go to Special LinksInvite Link ➡ Click on Invite Link.

3. Adding the Invite Link to a button:

  • Add a button on the email by dragging and dropping the Button from the Content option. Click on the button to edit the text to something more appropriate, e.g., Register now, Sign-up Here, etc. Clicking on the button opens up its setting on the right.

  • Search for Special Links under Action. Click on Special LinksInvite Link ➡ Click on Invite Link.

  • The sample email may look like this 👇

The Invite Link takes the user to the Login page. If a person is not already registered on the platform, after logging in, it will take the user to the registration page

Note: The option to use Personalized invite links will not be available for Automated daily wishes such as Birthday Wishes/Anniversary Wishes.  

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