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How to Add and Offer Different Memberships for Alumni, Faculty, and Students?
How to Add and Offer Different Memberships for Alumni, Faculty, and Students?

Learn how to set up and manage various membership levels for alumni, faculty, and students on your platform.

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Memberships are great for Universities to cultivate long-term enthusiasm and support amongst their alumni and supporters. It also gives students, faculties and alumni access to a range of resources and opportunities to enhance their academic and professional growth. 

Step 1: Adding Membership Levels

  1. To add different Membership Levels or Upgrades, download the provided sheet.

  2. Fill out the information in the specified format.

  3. Email the completed sheet to

Step 2: View the Membership Page

  1. After memberships are added, view them at [site-url]/membership.

    • For example, if your site URL is, check memberships at

  2. To enhance accessibility, add the URL to the header of the homepage.

    • Refer to relevant articles for guidance on adding links to the homepage header.

Step 3: Add Membership to an Account

  1. Go to Data Studio and select the profile(s) you wish to update with membership information.

  2. Click "Update Info" and choose "Edit Membership Name."

  3. Select the desired Membership from the dropdown.

  4. Add the membership expiry date. For lifetime memberships, tick the "Set lifetime validity" box.

  5. Click "Change Membership Name" to update and save.

After updating, the Membership type badge will be visible on the profile.

Step 4: Manage Membership Payments

  1. Access all transactions for online Membership purchases via "Membership Payments" in the admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Online Communities > Membership Payments.

  3. To record offline payments, use "+Add Membership Payments."


How do I filter out active members for a specific membership level?

  1. To filter active members by membership level, use Data Studio in Almabase.

  2. First, add a filter for "Membership Name" and select the desired membership(s).

  3. Then, add another filter for "Membership Expiry Date".

  4. Choose "Custom Dates": Set the start date as today and the end date as a far future date.

  5. This process will display the active members for the selected membership level.

How can I differentiate a membership transaction from a gift transaction on Almabase?

  • Currently, membership information from Almabase cannot be synced with Raiser's Edge.

  • Therefore, all transactions in batches are considered donations from the giving pages.

  • This means that specific membership transactions can't be differentiated within Almabase and will be grouped with gift transactions.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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