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How to Add and Offer Different Memberships for Alumni, Faculty, and Students?
How to Add and Offer Different Memberships for Alumni, Faculty, and Students?

Membership, Membership Levels, Membership Transactions

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Memberships are a great way for Universities to cultivate long-term enthusiasm and significant backing for the University among its alumni and supporters. On the other hand, it gives students, faculties, and alumni access to a wide range of resources, support, and opportunities that are tailored to enhance their academic and professional growth.

Here's how you can offer different memberships to your Students, Faculties, and Alumni :

Step 1 : Adding the Membership Levels

To add different Membership Levels or Upgrades, please download this sheet and share the information in the given format with us at

Step 2 : View the Membership Page

After all the memberships are added you can view the same using - site-url/membership.

For example - if the site URL is -, you can check the memberships on

To make this page easily accessible to users, make sure to add the URL to the header option of the homepage. Check out this article for more details.

Here's what a membership page looks like 👇

Step 3 : Add membership for an account

To add Membership to any account on Almabase, follow these steps :

  1. Go to Data Studio and select the profile(s) to update the Membership information.

  2. After selecting, click on Update Info and select Edit Membership Name.

  3. Select the Membership from the drop-down, and add the membership expiry date. If it is a lifetime membership, make sure to tick the Set lifetime validity box. Click on Change Membership Name to update and save the information.

    4. After the membership information is updated, you can check the Membership type

    badge on the profile.

Step - 4 : Membership Payments

All the transactions or payments for any Membership purchased online can be accessed on Membership Payments. Simply search for Membership Payments on the admin panel or go to Online CommunitiesMembership Payments.

To keep a record of any offline payment for the membership, the same can be added using +Add Membership Payments.


How do I filter out the active members for a particular membership level?

You can follow these steps to filter out active members for each membership.

  1. On Data Studio add the first filter - Membership Name and select the membership(s)

  2. Add another filter on top of the first one - Membership Expiry Date and Select Custom Dates: Select today's date (initial date) and farthest future date (end-date).

That should give you the desired results.

How do I differentiate a membership transaction from a gift transaction on Almabase, as I would like to keep them in separate batches?

Currently, it is not possible to sync membership information on Almabase to Raiser's Edge. Hence, all the gift transactions in the batches imply donations from the giving pages.

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