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How to Use the Updated Data Inbox
How to Use the Updated Data Inbox

Changes made to the data inbox and the types of emails sent to admins to manage the data efficiently.

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The Data Inbox feature has undergone some recent changes to improve its functionality and user experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of using the updated Data Inbox. Let's get started!

  • Filter Options

    • Select data sync type - You can now select the data sync type: either from Almabase to Raiser's Edge or from Raiser's Edge to Almabase.

    • Search for constituent - Search the constituent if you are looking to update a specific profile rather than going through all the updates.

    • Select date - You can filter the view by specifying a date range to see new and updated constituent information within that specific period.

  • Grouped Information

    • All the information in the Data Inbox is now grouped by entities instead of constituents. This allows for easier navigation and organization of data.

    • Custom fields are grouped together, making it more convenient to access and review the information.

  • Highlighted Changes

    • New information in the Data Inbox is now highlighted in green, making it easy to identify recent additions.

    • Updated information will be displayed in yellow, indicating modifications to existing data.

    • If a specific piece of information has changed, the corresponding heading will turn red, drawing your attention to the modified data.

Button Placement

  • The placement of the "Approve Changes" and "Ignore Changes" buttons has been updated for better accessibility.

  • Previously, these buttons were located within the updated or new information card. Now, you will find them positioned in the middle, clearly indicating that clicking on either button will take action on the pushed information.

Notification emails

  • We have also introduced two types of emails to provide admins with valuable information regarding data updates and review reminders.

    • Data Update Summary Email

      • This email provides a comprehensive overview of all the data points that were pushed to Raiser's edge over the last week.

      • It includes details such as the number of new data points that have been pushed and the data updates at an entity level.

    • Data Review Reminder Email

      • This email reminds you of pending data points that require attention.

      • It informs you about the number of data points that are still pending review and highlights any errors that need to be addressed before pushing the respective data points.

      • These emails have been designed to keep you informed about the latest data updates and remind you of any pending tasks. By utilizing the buttons provided in the emails, you can seamlessly access the Data Inbox and stay on top of your data management responsibilities.


Q. All the admins are receiving the Data Update and Review emails. How can I ensure that only the relevant admins, who manage the constituent data receive this email?

Ans. The automated emails for data updates and data review are sent by the system based on the Admin Responsibilities mentioned. To ensure that the notification emails are only received by the relevant admins, the following steps can be done :

  • Step 1: The admins who are supposed to receive the Data Update Summary Email or Data Review Reminder Email must complete the survey in the top-right corner of the Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: On step 2 of this survey, make sure that the responsibility - I manage constituent data is selected.

📝 Please Note:

  • If the site has even a single admin who has filled the responsibility as I manage constituent data, the email will only be sent to this admin.

  • If the site has no admin who has filled the responsibility as I manage constituent data, the email will be sent to all the admins.

We hope this guide has been helpful in familiarizing you with the updated features. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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