Using the Updated Data Inbox

Discover the latest upgrades to Data Inbox that enhance your admin experience and optimize data management.

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The Data Inbox feature has recently been revamped to elevate its functionality and enhance user experience. Let's dive in.

Filter Your Search

  • Select data sync type: Choose the direction of data sync—either from Almabase to Raiser's Edge or vice versa.

  • Constituent Search: Quickly find a specific constituent profile instead of scrolling through all updates.

  • Date Range: Apply a date range to focus on new and updated constituent data within that timeframe.

Grouped Information

  • Data Inbox has shifted from grouping information by constituents to grouping it by entities.

  • This structural update facilitates smoother navigation and data organization.

  • Additionally, custom fields are now bundled together for easier review.

Highlighted Changes

  • New Data: Newly added information is highlighted in green for quick identification.

  • Modified Data: Updates to existing data are indicated in yellow.

  • Critical Changes: If a particular data point is altered significantly, its corresponding heading will turn red, demanding your immediate attention.

Button Placement

  • The positions of the "Approve Changes" and "Ignore Changes" buttons have been optimized for better accessibility.

  • Previously found within the information card, they are now centrally placed to make it unmistakable that clicking either will action the corresponding data.

Stay Informed with Notification Emails

Two types of notification emails have been rolled out to keep admins in the loop:

Data Update Summary Email

This email delivers a weekly roundup of all the data updates pushed to Raiser's Edge, covering new data points and entity-level modifications.

Data Review Reminder Email

  • Receive reminders about pending data points requiring your attention, including a tally of unreviewed points and error alerts that need to be resolved before proceeding.

  • These emails are strategically designed to ensure you are always up to speed with the latest updates and remain vigilant about any pending tasks.

  • You can effortlessly jump to the Data Inbox through the buttons provided in these emails, thereby maintaining seamless data management.


How can I ensure only specific admins receive Data Update and Review emails?

To direct automated Data Update and Data Review emails to specific admins, navigate to the top-right corner of the Admin Dashboard and complete the survey there.

On Step 2 of the survey, select the responsibility labeled "I manage constituent data."

Note: If at least one admin selects this responsibility, only they will receive the email. If no admins select it, all will receive the email.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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