Setting Up Networking Recommendation Emails

Learn more about initiating Profile Recommendation Email automation to foster networking and engagement within your community.

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Step 1: Accessing Automations

  1. Navigate to "Communication Center".

  2. Select the "Automations" tab to begin.

Step 2: Creating a New Workflow

Click on the "+" sign to initiate a new workflow.

Step 3: Selecting Workflow Type

Choose "Make networking recommendations" to set up a workflow for Profile Recommendation Emails.

Step 4: Naming the Workflow

Provide a name for the workflow. Note that Networking Recommendation emails are exclusive to registered users of the platform.

Step 5: Customizing Email Frequency and Content

  1. Adjust the frequency of email delivery and make any necessary customizations to the email content.

  2. Utilize the email preview on the right for accuracy.

  3. Once finalized, select "Next" to proceed.

Step 6: Reviewing the Workflow

  1. Thoroughly review the workflow setup.

  2. If you wish to examine the system's recommended connections for different profiles, select "Check recommendations"

  3. Review the subsequent records.

Step 7: Activating the Workflow

  1. After confirmation, the workflow goes live.

  2. Manage the workflow using the "Reports", "Edit", "Delete", and "Mark as Complete" options.

  3. Remember, selecting "Mark as Complete" will cease the automation, stopping future emails.

Note: Anyone who does not have at least 3 good match recommendations will not receive an email.


Can we engage all alumni added on Almabase?

Engagement through profile recommendation emails is limited to registered and approved users. Unregistered users will not receive these emails.

What are the frequency and criteria for profile recommendation emails sent to registered users?

Registered users will receive emails with three recommended profiles based on a matching algorithm. A match score of 5 or higher, with at least two attributes matching, is considered a good match.

Is it possible to target these emails to specific groups or selected users?

The functionality to customize the recipient list for profile recommendation emails is not available at this time.

How can I adjust the schedule for sending out emails with recommended profiles?

Currently, there's no option to modify the timing for the dispatch of profile recommendation emails.

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