Create Campaign Hubs

See how to create campaigns within a campaign based on specific funds, affinity, or challenges

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Setting Up the Campaign Hub

Step 1:

Under the Campaign hubs section, click on Start a hub. Enter a name for the hub and click Create Hub.

Step 2:

  • Once the hub is created you can start creating campaigns under it.

  • Enter details like name, description, and an image for the campaign.

Step 3:

Proceed to configure the settings like the funds' designation, goal, donor segment, and donor name visibility for the campaign.

Step 4:

  • Publish the campaign.

📝 Each campaign within a hub has its own unique URL, which can be shared with donors.

  • Similarly, you can add multiple campaigns to the hub.

This way you can have multiple hubs for different areas of need and add multiple campaigns within each hub focussed on related causes.

Here's how it will appear on the campaign page.

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